"In 1982, Mr. Syed Hasnain embarked on his journey into the Auto Ancillary Business in Bangladesh, starting with 3W spares & accessories, marking the beginning of a trusted legacy.

Over the past four decades, this business has emerged as one of the largest and most reliable Importer, Stockist, & Distributor for some of the most renowned and reputed brands in the trade.

Bajaj, Varroc, VIRA, MK Auto, Greaves Cotton are some of the companies, the group is officially associated with in different forms, for distribution of spares for automobiles & bikes for entire Bangladesh. The group has extensive reach in the Bangladesh market through a wide network of dealers serviced by a strong sales team & well-equipped backend infrastructure.

The group, in 2010, diversified into the real estate business & has current ongoing projects in Chittagong & Dhaka, in both the residential & commercial space. This is after successfully delivering multiple projects in Chittagong & handing them over to a set of satisfied customers.

The high point, however, came in 2018, when the group launched its first full scale & integrated manufacturing venture, by establishing Hasan Rubber Industries Pvt Ltd. HRIPL is the mother concern for manufacturing & distributing a wide range of Tyre, Tube, Pre Cured Tread (PCT), Flap & Bonding Gum, under “ZESS”, a Brand, the company owns.

In a short span, ZESS has made a strong mark in the Tyre market in the country and is credited to be a pioneer for several initiatives in the industry.

The company has established a state-of-the-art factory at Bhaberchar, Munshigonj, with machineries and equipment imported from India, Taiwan & China & backed by well-equipped Labs and Testing facilities for ensuring Quality Assurance objectives and deliverables.
The products are distributed through an extensive network of Dealers, covering all the districts & major markets in the country, ably supported by an enterprising sales & support team.

With the vision of the Board & the Top Management, and the support of our dedicated set of Vendors, Channel and Banking partners and all well-wishers, ‘ZESS” is destined to reach far greater heights in the days to come!!

A tyre is a technologically advanced product essential for propelling the wheels of the world. It is crucial for both commercial and passenger vehicles, not only propelling them forward but also bearing the weight they carry

The quality and performance of a tyre hinge on various factors, starting with the technology employed in its manufacturing, the raw materials utilized, the machinery involved in production, the construction and design approach, and the equipment used for testing.

At Zess Tyre, we meticulously oversee every aspect of tyre production. This includes the careful selection of raw materials, the use of cutting-edge equipment, the adoption of world-class technology, and adherence to stringent specifications. Our dedicated and highly experienced team of technocrats works diligently to transform tyre designs into finished products. We ensure the quality and precision of each component and process in tyre manufacturing through comprehensive testing before the assembly of the green tyre. These green tyres are then cured in a press under precise pressure and temperature conditions.

It is important to recognize that the air contained within them is what truly supports the load. Our tyres in a way that forms a sturdy envelope, preventing disintegration and retaining the air within.

In many ways, a tyre bears resemblance to the human body. Just as our skeletal structure supports our body, tyres have a carcass composed of robust nylon cords that provide stability and carry the load. Similarly, like our muscles enable flexibility, tyre sidewalls flex to provide dynamic stability. And as we rely on our feet for traction, tyres rely on treads to grip the surface and facilitate movement. Just as the air we breathe sustains us, the air within a tyre is crucial for its operational performance and load-bearing capacity.

In essence, a tyre is a highly sophisticated technological product that demands surgical precision during its production. This precision ensures that it can perform optimally across diverse weather, road, and load conditions."

A tyre cannot function, support a load, or provide traction for movement without the presence of air. Typically, a tube is employed to retain the air within the tyre. In the past, natural rubber tubes were utilized for this purpose. However, with the advent of butyl rubber, which boasts exceptional air impermeability (preventing air from passing through), butyl tubes were introduced.

At ZESS Tyres and Tubes, we exclusively utilize 100% pure butyl rubber to manufacture world-class tubes known for their exceptional flexibility, strength, and dimensional stability, ensuring the highest level of service for our customers. To achieve this, ZESS employs premium raw materials, state-of-the-art machinery, and cutting-edge equipment. All incoming raw materials undergo rigorous certification and are scrutinized in world-class laboratory facilities before incorporation. Our Quality Assurance and Technology departments conduct extensive checks and analyzes throughout the tube manufacturing process. From the initial rubber compound mixing, staining, extrusion, sizing, splicing valve application, to curing, we meticulously verify all quality parameters to deliver one of the finest products to our customers. Each tube is subject to dual inspections by well-trained and experienced inspectors, including a test for air leakage by keeping the tubes inflated for several hours. Given the critical importance of dimensional stability for thin tube products, we conduct thorough laboratory examinations using international standard equipment to assess their physical properties. Our compound, consisting of rubber and chemicals, is carefully formulated to ensure that the tube maintains its properties and dimensional stability under varying conditions, including hot, humid, cold, and when subjected to loads. A robust and durable butt splice is employed to make the tube seamless, ensuring its longevity. Tube dimensions are meticulously designed to align with the inner dimensions of tyres, facilitating a proper fit within the tyre and uniform air distribution across the entyre tyre area. In summary, ZESS Tubes represent a pinnacle product in the market, known for their exceptional quality, aesthetics, and enduring performance.

The quality of a product is a key determinant of its goodness and effectiveness. Achieving this involves ensuring product.

quality at every stage of tyre manufacturing and through the final tyre testing process. In today's world, quality serves as the cornerstone of product performance, spanning from the quality of raw materials to the finished product. At ZESS Tyre, we maintain well-equipped laboratories and utilize advanced equipment, such as aniline point testers, flash point testers, halogen moisture testers, and Bruck field viscometers, to assess chemicals, oils, and rubbers. We scrutinize compounds (combinations of rubber and chemicals) and assess the in-process quality of components using state-of-the-art lab equipment like rheometers and viscometers. Fabric and bead properties are examined using the latest models of tensile testing machines. Our commitment to quality extends to the use of highly advanced and precise lab equipment, ensuring adherence to international standards for all quality parameters. As a tyre must run under harsh conditions such as heavy loads, high temperatures, rain, and winter weather, we at ZESS Tyre subject tyres to rigorous tests, including plunger energy tests and endurance tests, to assess strength and physical integrity. Given that a tyre comprises various elements, including rubbers, chemicals, oils, fabric, and steel wire, preserving their integration throughout the tyre's lifespan is crucial. To maintain material properties at each stage of tyre production, a well-equipped laboratory featuring top-tier equipment and standards is essential."